6 Email Techniques to Use When Submitting a Guest Post (2023)

Writing a guest post is touted as one of the best ways to grow a brand, increase readership, and make lasting connections in your industry. All that is very well and good once your post is live, but there are a handful of steps that must be taken before your name appears on your favorite blog.

The first, of course, is simply picking an industry. I’ll assume you’ve picked your niche or decided to turn to guest posting as a way of promoting the skills you already have. After that you’ll need to research blogs in your niche. Hopefully you already know of a couple (it is your industry, after all), but it’s good to really dig in here. Find a scope of blogs—from huge blogs you maybe hope to write for some day, down to the little guys trying to make it, just like you. This guest posting thing is a multi-pronged approach, and you’ll need to build relationships with everyone.

After doing those two things you’ll come to the actual guest post step. It’s time to pitch an idea or threeto the blogs you’ve selected. You’re sitting there with your email draft open, unsure of how to begin. It can be a little like applying for a job. It’s nerve wracking to put yourself out there for something you care about, especially when your writing is on the line.

I get it.

Here are 6 email techniques to use when submitting that guest post. Make sure to follow each of these according to what fits the site you’re hoping to write for. At the best, you’ll get a resounding “Yes! Write that up” from the editor, and you’ll be on your way. At the very least you’ll be regarded as a legitimate guest post requester, which will eventually lead to publication:

1. Follow the guidelines of the site you’re submitting to

The first order of business is knowing the ins and outs of the site you’re submitting to. The bigger sites that produce a lot of content, or those individuals who run well-respected sites, will often have a clear set of submissions guidelines.

You can usually find this under a “Submissions” or “Work With US” page. If nothing like this is present (it’s hard to give exact examples for millions of websites!) head over to the About section. Often this is where the company or individual will let you know if they’re accepting guest posts and how they’d like to receive those posts.

6 Email Techniques to Use When Submitting a Guest Post (1)

When you find the blog you’d like to write for does have a specific set of guidelines, follow them exactly. Really. Either the editor or founder spent at least one late night typing up these guidelines for you. They are well-known enough to be tired of getting ridiculous emails from people who can’t write on topic or well, but they still want to hear from you. That’s only true if you follow the rules.

This isn’t a time to get creative, strut your stuff, or find counter-culture to be revolutionary. Upon reading a guest post submission or email subject line (often they will only read the subject line) that does’t follow the rules, editors and founders will literally mark it as spam or throw it in the trash. If they mark your first email as spam, they certainly won’t get the next one.

Think of it as common courtesy and follow their guidelines to the absolute best of your ability. If there is some aspect you cannot follow, explain why in the email itself. Write something akin to “I’m aware this part of my guest post submission does not follow xyz in your guidelines. My apologies, I am unable to…”

You get the idea.

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If they don’t have guidelines…

I hear you already yelling the question, “But what if they have no guidelines?!” Don’t scream at me, please. It’s unbecoming of a guest poster. Keep calm, it’s going to be alright.

This is a good thing. It’s better, in fact. If the blog you want to write for does not have guidelines, it typically (but not always) means they are not overwhelmed with emails about guest posting. This by default increases your chances of getting accepted.

If they have no rules at all and simply state “We accept guest posts, please email us here,” send them an email that follows the next five techniques. You’ll want to standout in every way and you just won’t have such strict protocol to follow, which is a good thing.

If you don’t even know if they accept guest posts, I recommend sending your guest post email as you normally would, but prefacing the body of your text (after a brief hello) that says you’re unsure if they accept guest posts, but would like to contribute if they are. This may get you into an organization that usually doesn’t accept contributions, which can also be excellent for your career and business.

2. Be clear with your email subject line

After checking guidelines the next part of your email will be the subject line. Imagine you’re an editor at a big website. You probably receive anywhere from 100-500 emails per day. Some are spam, some are leads you have to follow up on, some are cute pictures of cats, and some are guest post requests. As the editor, you’d want to know exactly when a guest post request is a guest post request, and you’d want to know immediately.

When the guidelines tell you what to include in a subject line, do exactly what they say. For sites that don’t specify, an email subject line should start with the words “Guest Post Request” or “Guest Post Submission”. This lets them know immediately what the email will entail.

6 Email Techniques to Use When Submitting a Guest Post (2)

You do not, in any way, want your email to read like click bait. I’ve read some articles that advise you to put the catchy title of your article in the subject line—in my experience this will not go over well. The editor might think it’s a link to a published article from a competitor, or might view it as spam.

After typing in “Guest Post Request,” include a colon, then include the subject you hope to write about, or the name of the article you’ve already written. I’ll get into whether or not you should write your article beforehand below, but for the subject line put whichever option works best for you. Here are examples:

  1. Guest Post Request: 1200 Word Article on How to Catch Salmon, For Your Consideration
  2. Guest Post Request: 15 Ways to Catch Salmon in the Yukon

Those are just examples, I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout salmon fishing in the Yukon. Or the Yemen. The first explains what kind of article you want to write, the second what kind of article you already wrote.

Don’t include your name in the subject line unless you’re a big-name author. If that’s the case, you probably already know how to do all this. Your name will not matter and takes up precious reading time for that editor.

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3. Include Pitches and Ideas In your Email

In order to write a subject line like I’ve instructed above, you will need to know what kind of article you want to write. This step will require a good deal of research, just like finding what blog you want to write for and if they accept guest posts or have submission guidelines.

What you want to write, and what you’re capable of writing, is the most important aspect of guest posting. If you come up with well-researched topics in your genre, execute them with witty words that make readers grin and join in a fell swoop, and establish relationships along the way you will have no problem in this field.

That said, it’s not easy. To get accepted for a guest post you’ll want to pitch ideas that are informative, unique, and address the specific user-base of the blog you’re pitching to.

6 Email Techniques to Use When Submitting a Guest Post (3)

This is a good moment for a disclaimer: Do not pitch generic posts to multiple blogs! This is obvious, lacks research and enthusiasm, and will put a bad taste in the mouth of whichever editor has to deal with your email.

Each and every blog has their own niche within a niche market. Make sure you understand the one you’re hoping to guest post for, and pitch a topic that hits that right on the head.

This can be done in a variety of ways. A good preliminary way is to use keyword tools like Uber Suggest to hone in on a unique keyword topic. Another way is to patrol the discussions and comments on the blog you’re looking at to find topics actual readers have requested to know more about. You can even relay this information in your email.

Finally, you’ll want to read the blog itself. This may sound obvious, but many people don’t do it. When you’re submitting to a blog make sure to read a large number of articles on that blog, from different authors and dates, including guest posts and sponsored content. Get a feel for what is expected of a post so that your pitches will already fit with the style of the blog. This will make it easy for editors to respond with a “Yes, go for it.”

Formatting the Pitch

This is simple. Include 2-4 pitches in your email; each can be a variation of the other, but differ them enough that they could be multiple posts. Either type the positive points in bullets or with a small paragraph. Don’t go into too much detail. Write it like a thesis, in that it is based on research, has a point, and is outlined in specific ways. Finally, include a proposed headline that rocks and fits the style of the blog you’re emailing.

On Writing the Guest Post Before You Write the Email

I’m sticking this here because if you’ve already written the article you’ll say that instead of including a pitch. I recommend that you do not write the article before you’ve gotten approved for the article. Of course, if the guidelines ask you to do this, then do it.

(Video) Don't Do this 🥵 | Bulk Email Send to Admin with 1 Click | Guest Posting 2023 | FAKHAR NAZIR

However, spending the time it takes to research and write a post for a specific blog without ever communicating with that blog just takes too much time. Sure, there’s the mentality that you’re so dedicated you stayed up all night and don’t even care if it gets published. You wrote it. Here it is!

If you present your article with that mentality you’ll come off as presumptuous and cocky or, conversely, groveling. Your time is worth something, no matter who you are. While some few editors or founders will like this and call it tenacity, most will be upset that you wrote a whole article without their input, because they’re going to ask you to change things anyway. Another bunch will be upset because it puts a little more pressure of them to publish the article, and they don’t want that.

4. Talk About Why You Want to Write for That Blog in Particular

Either before or after your pitches (I leave the order to you, go with the flow), include why you want to write for them. Don’t talk about how much it could do for you, just like a job interview. Talk about them. Not to butter them up, but to relate all the research you did about them.

6 Email Techniques to Use When Submitting a Guest Post (4)

Mention recent articles on their blog that were informative, and relate your own pitches to those articles. Mention authors you respect on the site and show you have a broader understanding of the genre. Finally, give specific reasons you want to write for that blog, and never say you hope to gain more followers or subscribers.

You are contributing to a larger network here, and you need to be both aware of that network and of your ability to improve it. State these things clearly and respectfully without being pretentious.

Lastly, use the person’s name in the email. You should know the name of the person you’re emailing — if you can’t find it, search harder to find it.

5. Be clear about yourself

As you can maybe tell, there are three sections in the body of the email. Your pitches, what you like and respect about the blog you hope to contribute to, and who you are. This last bit is important.

This might make you worried, but there’s no need. You don’t need to be a big name author with thousands of followers to get accepted as a guest post author. The system wouldn’t work if that were the case.

You do need to give your name, the website you have or work for, and what your expertise is. If you don’t have a website or work for one, talk about what your passions are jobs are and how they relate to the blog’s industry. It’s helpful if you already have some following or presence, just because this assures an editor you’re serious. It also allows them to look you up easily.

If you’re really starting out at the very bottom, say that you are. Be honest. They started out there too, and your honesty will trigger that memory for them. Don’t promise somebody you’re not, but also state your desires with conviction.

Oh, and—

(Video) How to send email for guest posting || Advance SEO from Scratch

6. Include Links to Published Work

The final step in this email extravaganza. You have to include examples of published work. Again, don’t freak out. We live in the digital age and “published” just means articles that are online somewhere. It can be your own blog—yes, you can start a Blogger for free, publish three articles, then link to those in a pitch email. That is absolutely legit.

I also suggest you create a Medium account and publish some articles there. It’s better if you have articles at a bigger name site, but not necessary. Also, there’s the content of the published articles to consider. If you have articles up at a recognized website that has nothing to do with the blog you’re trying to write for, it has less impact. Include it with a note that says “I know this isn’t in your genre, but it’s an example of my writing skills.” Always include at least one published article that’s in the genre.

Do not attach a Word document with something you’ve written. Don’t do it; please don’t. Just don’t.

Ready for that Email?

You better be, because this was a long article on how to do it right. The above should be followed for your first email to an organization—not your second, not your third. Don’t send an email that’s titled “Hey, Do You Take Guest Others?” with a body that says your name and favorite hobbies. Be professional about this and you’ll go far.

One last tidbit of advice: Be nice. Use their name, express thanks and appreciation, have a personality. Nobody wants a robot writing articles, and you’ll only be interacting on email to start out with, which is notoriously bland. Be courteous and be a human, alright?

Now get out there!

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How do you email a guest post? ›

Hi [Name], [Your name] here from [Company name]. I'm reaching out to check if you are accepting content from guest contributors on [Blog name]. We are trying to establish ourselves as a helpful, trustworthy brand, and we think the best way to do that is through quality content.

What is a guest post? ›

Guest blogging, also called “guest posting,” is the act of writing content for another company's website. Generally, guest bloggers write for similar blogs within their industry in order to: Attract traffic back to their website.

How do I become a guest blogger? ›

How to Become a Successful Guest Blogger
  1. Set specific, achievable goals. ...
  2. Choose topics that will benefit your own business goals. ...
  3. Find reputable guest blogging sites. ...
  4. Conduct guest blogging outreach. ...
  5. Write the post. ...
  6. Track your posts' results over time.
Jan 17, 2022

How do I submit a guest post to an entrepreneur? ›

How to Pitch a Guest Post on Entrepreneur.com
  1. Find an Idea. Find a topic that you can confidently write about, either because you're an expert on it or you have connections to trustworthy sources that will give you information. ...
  2. Complete the Application Process. ...
  3. Pitch an Editor for a Specific Category (Optional)
Jul 18, 2018

How do you send an email to someone professionally? ›

How to write a professional email
  1. The right greeting. Greetings in an email are important. ...
  2. Understand your intention. What's an email for? ...
  3. Explain your intention. ...
  4. Get to the point. ...
  5. Send your best regards. ...
  6. Sign off properly. ...
  7. Write an appropriate email signature. ...
  8. Proofread.
Dec 7, 2022

Which category is best for guest posting? ›

Before reaching out for guest posting, make sure your site has quality content, otherwise you would be looking to reduce bounce rate.
  • Real Estate Blogs.
  • Hobbies & Leisure Blogs.
  • News, Media & Publications Blogs.
  • Food & Groceries Blogs.
  • Law & Government Blogs.
  • Business & Industrial Blogs.
  • Technology Blogs.
  • Web design Blogs.

How do you negotiate a guest post? ›

9 Tips for Becoming a Master Negotiator (Guest Post)
  1. Know Your Thinking Preferences to Win. ...
  2. Know Their Thinking Preferences to Win. ...
  3. Use Your Preferences to Your Advantage When You Get Ready to Negotiate. ...
  4. Learn How to Negotiate with Different Thinkers. ...
  5. Prepare a Whole Brain® Negotiation.

Why do clients need guest posts? ›

Companies implement guest posting in their digital marketing strategy to attract backlinks and more web traffic, but it's also similar to public relations. The core of public relations (PR) is to promote a business with free publicity.

What is guest posting other names? ›

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is a content marketing strategy and an excellent tool for reputation marketing.

What is a guest post opportunity? ›

Guest posting (or guest blogging) is a marketing tactic that involves writing articles for other websites in order to promote your brand.

Is guest posting easy? ›

Writing guest posts is an easy way to gain a lot of exposure quickly. But guest posts are also hard work. They require a lot more than just throwing a post up on a random page. Blogs with large followings have RSS feeds, which means that each post is actively sent out to a lot of people.

What are backlinks in guest posting? ›

A guest post backlink is a type of backlink that is obtained when a person writes a blog post on someone else's website and includes a link back to their own website. This is often done as a way to build links and increase the visibility of both websites.

Does guest posting work? ›

Guest posting is a good way to get your website links. You can write articles for other websites and put links to your website in them. Backlinks are good for your website in a number of ways. There are two main benefits to building backlinks: one that's very obvious and one that's hidden from plain sight.

How do I present my business to the public? ›

How to present a business idea to investors
  1. Tell a story. A common topic among experts was the need to be personable and create a narrative. ...
  2. Define the problem. You might be head over heels about your business concept. ...
  3. Practice as much as you can. ...
  4. Be realistic.
Feb 21, 2023

Do you accept guest posts? ›

Accepting guest posts can be a great way to get access to new audiences, enrich your blog, and build your backlink profile. However, it's important to filter out requests from relevant, related, and high-quality websites so you don't end up hurting both your reputation and your own site authority.

What are the four basic parts to a professional email? ›

The 4 Essential Parts of an Email Here's the blueprint of a successful business email.
  • The subject line. Arguably the most important component of the email, the subject line is the deciding factor in whether your message is read or deleted. ...
  • The salutation. ...
  • The bit in the middle. ...
  • The ending.
Feb 10, 2013

What email to use for professional email? ›

The most standard and recommended form of a professional email address is of course the firstname.lastname@domain.tld format. But there are some other ways you can get a professional email address, such as: firstnameinitial.lastname@domain.tld. firstnameinitiallastname@domain.tld.

What is a professional email format? ›

Your email message should be formatted like a typical business letter, with spaces between paragraphs and no typos or grammatical errors. Don't mistake length for quality—keep your email brief and to the point. Avoid overly complicated or long sentences.

What is the scope of guest posting? ›

Guest posting is the process of creating, pitching, and publishing an article on another blog. The whole process includes: the search for a proper blog, negotiation, post writing, keyword choice, etc.

What is the difference between guest post and guest blog? ›

Blogging is when you write words on a website you own and guest posting is when you write words on a website someone else owns.

What is the difference between article submission and guest posting? ›

Re: Difference between article submission and guest posting

However, the difference is that for guest posting, the third party website is the one requesting for a post from you, whereas in article submission, you are the one asking the website to feature your article.

How much should you pay for a guest post? ›

Don't Over Pay For A Guest Post
TrafficPublishing Fee
Under 1000$10-50
1,000 – 3999$30 – $60
4,000 – 9,999$40-1000
3 more rows
Jun 24, 2019

What is the power of guest posting? ›

Guest posting is the practice of writing and publishing an article on another website with the goal of promoting your own website or business. It can help you reach new audiences, establish yourself as a thought leader, build relationships, and boost your search engine rankings and traffic.

Should you charge for guest posts? ›

Organic vs Paid Guest Posting. Here's the truth: You don't have to pay for guest posting. Marketers, site owners, influencers, and business owners write guest posts all the time — and most of them do it without having to spend a dime.

How do you negotiate with customers in an email? ›

How to respond to a customer's price negotiation request
  1. Share the lowest terms you can offer and add variables. ...
  2. Examine why they want to negotiate and actively listen. ...
  3. Focus on the simplest issue first. ...
  4. Trade discounts for concessions. ...
  5. Convince them of the value of your product. ...
  6. Negotiate as long as possible.
Dec 30, 2022

How do you negotiate an email? ›

  1. Set the Stage and Bring Feeling Into the Conversation. ...
  2. Express Empathy While Taking Your Bargaining Partners' Pulse. ...
  3. Mention the Feelings That Business Communications Usually Lack. ...
  4. Stress Your Confidence That You Can Find a Solution That Pleases You Both.

Which practices should you avoid when doing guest posting? ›

Publishing on low-quality sites
  • Publishing on low-quality sites.
  • Targeting high-authority sites that will raise your visibility.
  • Pursuing high volumes across as many sites as possible.
  • Stuffing the posts with rich anchor text links.
Jan 12, 2023

What is the difference between guest post and sponsored post? ›

Whereas a guest post is free, a sponsored article requires a fee to the website that promotes your business. Most of the time, you provide the content, but the website can also take care of that for you. All in all, it's a more straightforward marketing strategy for your brand.

What is the difference between a guest post and a link insertion? ›

Link insertions vs guest posting, what's the difference? A link insertion is a minor edit on existing content. You edit this existing content to insert a link on it. In contrast, a guest post is when you write new content with a link to publish it on another website.

How do I find the best guest posting site? ›

2. Google your search terms to find guest blogging websites
  1. + “guest blog”/”guest post”
  2. + “write for us”
  3. + “submit an article”/”submit a guest post”
  4. + “contribute guest post”
  5. + “contribute to our blog”
  6. + “become a guest blogger”
  7. + “guest blogging guidelines”
  8. + “contributor guidelines”
Feb 22, 2019

Why is it called guest? ›

Their common ancestor was a prehistoric Indo-European word reconstructed as ghostis (stranger). This is the ancestor of the Latin hostis (enemy, stranger), the Greek xenos (guest, stranger), and the old Germanic sources that gave English the word “guest.”

How do I find guest posting sites? ›

  1. Google Searches. Google is a great place to start in the search for guest posting opportunities. ...
  2. Prolific Guest Bloggers. Know of any prolific guest bloggers in your industry? ...
  3. Competitor Backlinks. ...
  4. Social Searches. ...
  5. Seek Guest Blogging Opportunities. ...
  6. MyBlogGuest. ...
  7. Get to Know the Blog's Content. ...
  8. See How Other Guest Posts Do.

Are guest posts paid? ›

1. What Is Paid Guest Posting? Paid guest posting is a method of posting sponsored publications, which works on the basis of interaction between an optimizer and a representative of an external resource. Many websites allow posting guest content, even if the target domain has not yet gained high rankings.

What is the difference between inbound and backlinks? ›

Backlinks, also called inbound links and incoming links, are a form of off-page SEO where you earn links from other websites that direct readers to your own site. The person receiving the link is the one who refers to a link as a backlink.

Is guest posting part of digital marketing? ›

Guest blogging, as well as guest posting, is a content marketing and SEO strategy in which individuals write articles for other websites to promote their brands and businesses.

How do I send an email to a guest on Airbnb? ›

The most secure way to contact guests is through Airbnb messaging. You can always share important documents with guests through Airbnb messaging by including direct links to those documents in messages. You can send document links in messages to a guest once they've confirmed reservation with you.

What is a guest post link? ›

A guest post is a piece of content you write for someone else's blog to be featured there and get your word out. A guest post contains an “About author” section where you can link back to your sites and projects.

What is the subject of a guest post email? ›

Subject line for a guest post

A guest post email subject must be clear about what you're offering. Some guides recommend you lead with "Guest post request" and leave it at that. But we think you should go further. Give a little flavor of what your post or pitch is about.

How to do outreach for guest post? ›

How to Scale Guest Blogging for SEO in 7 Steps
  1. Step 1: Research your niche. ...
  2. Step 2: Write a killer email outreach template that's designed to scale. ...
  3. Step 3: Find your outreach targets. ...
  4. Step 4: Engage, personalize, and send. ...
  5. Step 5: Pitch ideas that excite them. ...
  6. Step 6: Write content they want to publish.
Oct 27, 2021

What is the email format for Airbnb? ›

What is Airbnb email format? Airbnb common email format is John.Smith@airbnb.com, being used 52.6% of the time. Other email formats include John.Smith@ext.airbnb.com JSmith@airbnb.com John@airbnb.com.

What is the difference between guest post and link insert? ›

Link insertions vs guest posting, what's the difference? A link insertion is a minor edit on existing content. You edit this existing content to insert a link on it. In contrast, a guest post is when you write new content with a link to publish it on another website.

Is guest posting still worth it? ›

Guest posting is a good way to get your website links. You can write articles for other websites and put links to your website in them. Backlinks are good for your website in a number of ways. There are two main benefits to building backlinks: one that's very obvious and one that's hidden from plain sight.

What is subject in email with examples? ›

What is the subject in an email? The subject line of an email is the single line of text people see when they receive your email. This one line of text can often determine whether an email is opened or sent straight to the trash, so make sure it's optimized for your audience.

What is email subject format? ›

The subject line should communicate exactly what the email is about so that the recipient can prioritize the email's importance without having to open it. For example, writing “Do you have a sec?” is vague, says Augustine, since the reader will have to open the email or reply to figure out what you want.

How do you subject a formal email? ›

15 tips for writing email subject lines that work
  1. Tell readers what your email is about. ...
  2. Insert your reader's name. ...
  3. Personalize the sender address. ...
  4. Refer to your reader's location. ...
  5. Highlight your reader's interests. ...
  6. Make it relevant. ...
  7. Avoid looking like spam. ...
  8. Consider responsive mobile display.

How do you promote a guest? ›

Advanced Marketing and Promotion Strategies for Podcasts, Radio Shows and More
  1. Create a video of a favorite quote or segment from your show. ...
  2. Create an infographic. ...
  3. Give a testimony for your guest. ...
  4. Introduce them to other show hosts.

What is a good example of an outreach email? ›

Hi [name], My name is [your name] from [your company]. I really enjoy your [relevant content] and am impressed by how well you've done with [recipient's company name]. I'm reaching out to you because I have a [product/service] that I think your audience would appreciate.

What makes a good guest post? ›

They have a specific audience, message, and expertise. They have a certain tone, angle, and way of approaching ideas. The best guest posts are the ones that align the Author's brand with the blogger's brand. In other words, your content should help them expand their message.


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