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A Preface to Sartre

A Preface To Sartre Book Pdf Download (1)

Author: Dominick LaCapra
Publsiher: Cornell University Press
Total Pages: 250
Release: 2019-06-07
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9781501705205

Download A Preface to Sartre Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Perhaps the leading Western intellectual of his time, Jean-Paul Sartre has written highly influential works in an awesomely diverse number of subject areas: philosophy, literature, biography, autobiography, and the theory of history. This concise and lucidly written book discusses Sartre's contributions in all of these fields. Making imaginative use of the insights of some of the most important contemporary French thinkers (notably Jacques Derrida), Dominick LaCapra seeks to bring about an active confrontation between Sartre and his critics in terms that transcend the opposition, so often discussed, between existentialism and structuralism. Referring wherever appropriate to important events in Sartre's life, he illuminates such difficult works as Being and Nothingness and the Critique of Dialectical Reason, and places Sartre in relation to the traditions that he has explicitly rejected. Professor LaCapra also offers close and sensitive interpretations of Nausea, of the autobiography, The Words, and of Sartre's biographical studies of Baudelaire, Genet, and Flaubert. "I envision intellectual history," writes LaCapra, "as a critical, informed, and stimulating conversation with the past through the medium of the texts of major thinkers. Who else in our recent past is a more fascinating interlocutor than Sartre?" A Preface to Sartre will be welcomed by philosophers, literary critics, and historians of modern Western culture. It is also an ideal book for the informed reader who seeks an understanding of Sartre's works and the issues they raise.

The Wretched of the Earth

A Preface To Sartre Book Pdf Download (2)

Author: Frantz Fanon
Publsiher: Penguin Modern Classics
Total Pages: 255
Release: 2001
Genre: Algeria
ISBN: 0141186542

Download The Wretched of the Earth Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Frantz Fanon's seminal work on the trauma of colonization, The Wretched of the Earth made him the leading anti-colonialist thinker of the twentieth century. This Penguin Modern Classics edition is translated from the French by Constance Farrington, with an introduction by Jean-Paul Sartre. Written at the height of the Algerian war for independence from French colonial rule and first published in 1961, Frantz Fanon's classic text has provided inspiration for anti-colonial movements ever since, analysing the role of class, race, national culture and violence in the struggle for freedom. With power and anger, Fanon makes clear the economic and psychological degradation inflicted by imperialism. It was Fanon, himself a psychotherapist, who exposed the connection between colonial war and mental disease, who showed how the fight for freedom must be combined with building a national culture, and who showed the way ahead, through revolutionary violence, to socialism. Many of the great calls to arms from the era of decolonization are now of purely historical interest, yet this passionate analysis of the relations between the great powers and the 'Third World' is just as illuminating about the world we live in today. Frantz Fanon (1925-61) was a Martinique-born French author essayist, psychoanalyst, and revolutionary. Fanon was a supporter of the Algerian struggle for independence from French rule, and became a member of the Algerian National Liberation Front. He was perhaps the preeminent thinker of the 20th century on the issue of decolonization and the psychopathology of colonization. His works have inspired anti-colonial liberation movements for more than four decades. If you enjoyed The Wretched of the Earth, you might like Edward Said's Orientalism, also available in Penguin Modern Classics. 'In clear language, in words that can only have been written in the cool heat of rage, he showed us the internal theatre of racism'Independent

Race after Sartre

Download Race after Sartre Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Examines Jean-Paul Sartre’s antiracist politics and his contributions to critical race theories, postcolonialism, and Africana existentialism.

Sartre and the Moral Limits of War and Terrorism

A Preface To Sartre Book Pdf Download (4)

Author: Jennifer Ang Mei Sze
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 246
Release: 2010-05-26
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9781135271978

Download Sartre and the Moral Limits of War and Terrorism Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Looking at Jean-Paul Sartre’s works on ethics and politics, this book examines the relevancy and importance Sartre holds for contemporary concerns including the reactionary nature of terrorism, the extremity of counter-violence, and the limitations of democratization efforts in our post-9/11 era.

Sartre For Beginners

A Preface To Sartre Book Pdf Download (5)

Author: Donald D. Palmer
Publsiher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2007-08-21
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9781939994219

Download Sartre For Beginners Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Sartre For Beginners is an accessible yet sophisticated introduction to the life and works of the famous French philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre. Sartre was a member of the French underground during WWII, a novelist, a playwright, and a major influence in French political and intellectual life. The book opens with a biographical section, introducing the significant events in the life of the man who coined the term “existentialism.” Then it examines Sartre’s early philosophical works. Ideas from Sartre’s other fictional and dramatic works are discussed, but the greatest part is the presentation of the main concepts from Sartre’s Being and Nothingness (1943). These include the topics of consciousness, freedom, responsibility, absurdity, “bad faith,” authenticity, and the hellish confrontation with other people. Finally, the book deals with Sartre’s modification of his early existentialism to compliment his conversion to a kind of “existential” Marxism. Sartre For Beginners summarizes the work of the most renown philosopher of the 20th Century.

Sartre s Second Century

Download Sartre s Second Century Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Sartre's Second Century reflects the richness of Sartre's vision of the human condition, the diversity of the means he employed in grappling with it, and the lengthy trajectory of his itinerary, in a variety of wider cultural perspectives. The centenary of Sartre's birth in 2005 was the primary occasion for many of the essays included in this volume. Hosted by the UK or North American Sartre Societies, contributors participating in Sartre's centennial celebrations were asked to address the central themes and overall development of his life and thought. As the present collection shows, the attempt to present Sartre in a retrospective light also provides a basis for assessing the relevance of his work for the new century.

Jean Paul Sartre and the Jewish Question

A Preface To Sartre Book Pdf Download (7)

Author: Jonathan Judaken
Publsiher: U of Nebraska Press
Total Pages: 409
Release: 2006-12-01
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9780803205635

Download Jean Paul Sartre and the Jewish Question Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Examines the image of "the Jew" in Sartre's work to rethink not only his oeuvre but also the role of the intellectual in France and the politics and ethics of existentialism. This book explores how French identity is defined through the abstraction and allegorization of "the Jew".

Packaging Post Coloniality

A Preface To Sartre Book Pdf Download (8)

Author: Richard Watts
Publsiher: Lexington Books
Total Pages: 184
Release: 2005-04-14
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780739158593

Download Packaging Post Coloniality Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Packaging Post/Coloniality reads the marketing matter surrounding works of Francophone literature as an important though overlooked source in the cultural history of colonialism and the articulation of new identities in France and the Francophone world.

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