"Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 (2022)

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Minecraft has changed a lot since its initial beta period in 2011. The game has grown substantially, and new features, mechanics and systems continue to be added even to this day. While this is all well and good, there are still players out there who don't enjoy the direction the game took post-release, or simply have nostalgia for beta minecraft and wish to return to a time without hunger, experience or enchantments with a few bells and whistles on. Just pick up your pickaxe, mine some diamonds and build a castle!

Better Than Adventure is designed to appeal to these players who enjoy the simpler gameplay of the old beta versions of Minecraft, yet also want to try something new and exciting. Think of it as an "alternate universe" version of minecraft that attempts to maintain the look-and-feel of beta 1.7.3, while also keeping things fresh with new features and additions such as new blocks, biomes and quality of life improvements. Despite what the name implies, this mod isn't necessarily trying to offer something inherently better than modern Minecraft, just something different. Think of it as a long-lost branch of Minecraft, what could have been if Notch and Jeb took the game in a slightly different direction all those years ago.

While BTA is designed mostly to appeal to older players who grew up with beta, the aim of the mod in general is simply to offer an alterate take on the game. So if you're just looking for something new to enjoy, try this mod out too. You may like it



Under the hood, BTA is very different from vanilla beta 1.7.3. The majority of existing bugs have been ironed out and fixed, and almost the entire game has been rewritten and optimised to make the development of new additions much, much easier. For example, the game’s implementation of McRegion has been rewritten to allow for 256 block-high worlds, the game now has native support for HD texture packs, and the block ID system has been overhauled to allow for thousands of blocks, instead of beta 1.7.3’s hard-limit of 256.

The fun doesn’t end there though, BTA also offers a plethora of new features and mechanics to play around with. The biggest of which is probably the new “seasonal cycle”.

Minecraft worlds now cycle through 4 seasons, over a span of 28 days (7 days per season). These seasons provide an interesting spin on survival gameplay; as the seasons change and winter begins to fall, the game will become progressively more challenging. Crops start to grow less often, mobs spawn more frequently, and the nights will become longer. It is important you plan around the changing seasons, stocking up on resources to survive the cold winter.

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Revamped Beta World Generation
The iconic beta world generation has also been given a major touch-up in BTA. First and foremost, the sea-level has been risen to 128, which means 128 blocks of underground, and 128 blocks of overworld. This also means mountains can grow to twice the size they could than before, leading to even wackier terrain than normal.

Biomes have been changed too, they now generate at around twice the size they used to, meaning no more ugly micro-deserts. Existing biomes have also been touched up to make them more unique, for example, swamplands now spawn with fields of algae and mossy trees, and seasonal forests spawn groves of cherry trees that shine a bright pink in the spring.

"Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 (2)

Creative Mode
One thing that beta 1.7.3 and below did lack was a functioning creative mode where you can test out contraptions and plan builds in a world with infinite blocks and health. This has been added to BTA, however its not just a simple port of beta 1.8’s creative mode. We thought we’d try and improve on it by adding better flying controls, a more readable creative inventory, and a list of single player commands.
"Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 (3)

New Blocks

3 new types of stone with brick and cobbled variants (Basalt, Granite and Limestone), painted wooden planks in 16 different dye colours, dirt paths, fence gates, new slab and stair variants for existing blocks, coloured Redstone lamps and many, many more blocks to expand your building capabilities with. As well as that, BTA also adds new blocks for Redstone contraptions, such as retractable ‘spike traps’ that damage mobs when stepped on, ‘motion sensors’ that activate when mobs move past them, and ‘mesh blocks’ that allow items to pass through them, yet block off mobs and players.

"Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 (4)


Exploring the nether now has a purpose with the addition of steel, a refined form of iron, made from smelting iron bars in a blast furnace with a new nether-exclusive ore called “nether coal” that offers extremely high durability tools at the cost of being slightly slower at mining than diamond. It can also be used to make a rocket launcher. Quake style!

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The Guidebook

Because we understand that sometimes recipes can be difficult to discover, especially in modded games, we decided to add a “guidebook” accessed by pressing R in-game that tells you each of the recipes found in the game. However, this book works a little differently to how you’d expect…

The book starts with all the items blacked out, filling out each item once obtained by the player to maintain the sense of discovery for those who enjoy finding things out for themselves. It also offers as a completion objective for players who wish to fill out the book completely and “craft ‘em all”. (But alternatively if you just want to see the new recipes for yourself, try opening the book in creative)

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Available on our Tumblr page.
Or go to our Discord for more frequent updates, as well as access to pre-release snapshots.

Auto Updating: MultiMC Update Utility (New) (Latest)
Download: MultiMC Instance
Download: Client Jar
Download: Server Jar

Previous Versions can be downloaded from our Minecraft Forum Page.


Requires MultiMC or the Betacraft launcher!

Installation: MultiMC Update Utility
The MultiMC update utility will allow you to automatically update/load the latest release of BTA without having to install a brand new instance from the forum page!

  • To install the utility, simply drag and drop that link onto your MultiMC instance list, then run it. It'll generate a managed instance of BTA, which you can then run to launch the mod.
  • Whenever the mod releases a new update you can just run the update utility again and it'll automatically upgrade your managed instance to the latest version! No more messing around with jar files, and all your saves, screenshots and settings will be in exactly the same place

Installation: MultiMC

  • Download MultiMC and load it up
  • Simply drag and drop the MultiMC instance zip file into your MultiMC and it
    should appear on your instances screen. Alternatively, click "add
    instance" and "import from zip" then locate the file and click "OK"
  • Load your newly created instance and play!

Installation: Betacraft

  • Download the Betacraft launcher
  • Create a new instance, call it whatever you like, and click OK.
  • Click "versions" and choose b1.7.3.
  • Click on "Edit Instance" and then "Mods Repository"
  • Click on the "Better Than Adventure!" folder and choose the latest release
  • Click "load" and then play!

    How to run the server jar
    Simply run it like you would an exe. Warning,
    it will use the server.jar's host directory as a local directory meaning all the files it creates will be placed in whatever folder your jar is in! So try to put it in its own folder somewhere!


    Why is this mod made for such an old version? Will there be plans for a 1.17 release and above?

    The aim of this mod is to completely reconceptualize and refine minecraft's progression system and core gameplay loop - think of it more like a fork or "alternate development branch" than just a simple game mod. The reason I'm starting from beta 1.7.3 is because that was the last version to still contain that simple minecraft gameplay this mod is designed around expanding on, it makes a great springboard for new ideas since at that point in development, it felt like the game could go anywhere. Almost like starting from a blank slate again. Because of this, the mod will stay exclusive to b1.7.3, however I will be continually updating with new features and refinements as time goes on, so please check back for more!

    Is this mod compatible with other mods from around the same era?

    Currently this mod does not use an external API such as forge or modloader, meaning allthe changes to the codebase are base class edits. This might change but it has partially been done because an awful lot of refactoring has and will be done under the surface to make workflow easier, and maybe to improve optimisation and efficiency of the game also, however because of this, the unfortunate downside is a complete lack of compatibility withalmost any mod made for the game back then, which is regrettable, but due to the vast scope I have planned for this mod, compataibility issuesare going to be unavoidable anyway in the long run. People are still welcome to make mods for 1.7.4 and beyond, and will be encouraged! I plan to package modloader into later versions which will make developing mods specifically for BTA a lot easier!

    Why isn't this mod compatible with the default minecraft launcher?

    Currently there's an issue with the minecraft launcher not liking the mod, likely due to making changes to the Minecraft.class file. For now its recommended you use MultiMC or the Betacraft launcher for loading this mod.

    For any other assistance or suggestions/feedback feel free to leave a comment below. Alternatively join my Discord server for more frequent updates on the project.


    • Special thanks to the members of the Modification Station discord for help
    • Also check out Not So Seecret Saturdays by DirtPiper - a huge inspiration for this mod!
    • Check out b3spectacled's Modern Beta for beta terrian in Minecraft 1.17! He's helped me with previous projects in the past and his work is really good!

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