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Financial planning doesn't happen by chance; it is the product of sound decision-making. Whether you are looking to protect, grow or transfer wealth, our comprehensive team can help.We understand the complex financial issues and the ways in which these issues might affect your future.

Financial planning requires a commitment of time—yours and ours.We will work to understand your current personal and financial circumstances and your goals for the future.We will work to do more than determine a planning solution.We will build a strategy that is right for you. Together, we will work to develop a financial plan that balances your short-term needs with your long-term goals.

We'll stay in touch, so as your needs evolve over time we can make the changes necessary to protect your overall financial picture for the future.

Letus help you ensure your financial future is all you want it to be

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Tracy B VanDyke, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, RICP®

Wealth Management Advisor

Office 913-647-9041

Upon graduating from Peru State College in 1993 Tracy was looking for a career that would provide her with professional growth opportunity, personal flexibility and the ability to have apositive impact on the lives of people she encountered.

After careful consideration of all her options, Tracy decided to follow her father, John Shannon and join Northwestern Mutual as a financial representative. In 1996 John passed away following a battle with lung cancer and Tracy began to work with the clientele he had developed relationships with, in addition to her existing clientele.

Tracy has seen many changes to Northwestern Mutual and the financial services industry, but the one thing that has remained constant is creating relationships with people and working with them to assist in achieving their goals and dreams.

Tracy earns and maintains the respect of her peers through a practice that performs on a consistent basis while never compromising the ethical values that her father instilled in her and that she wishes for her twoboys. Through this foundation of excellence Tracy has developed the NorthStar Wealth Navigation team to ensure their clients are cared for, for generations to come.


  • Peru State College, Accounting (Bachelor of Science)
  • Peru State College, Business Management (Bachelor of Science)

Associations and Memberships

Tracy VanDyke is a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. The mission of NAIFA is to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhance business and professional skills, and promote the ethical conduct of our members.

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NAIFA is a national nonprofit organization representing the interests of more than 70,000 insurance and financial advisors nationwide, through its federation of over 900 state and local associations. Founded in 1890, NAIFA is the nation's largest financial services membership association.

Tracy is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table,the Premier Association of Financial Professionals. Founded in 1927, MDRT provides its members with resources to improve their technical knowledge, sales and client service while maintaining a culture of high ethical standards.

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MDRT's mission is to be a valued, member-driven international network of leading insurance and investment financial services professionals who serve their clients by exemplary performance and the highest standards of ethics, knowledge, service and productivity.

Tracy alsoserved on the Financial Representative Association (FRA) board for Northwestern Mutual from 2013-2019. She alsoheld the title of Presidentfrom 2018-2019.FRAbridges relationships and concepts between the Financial Representatives in thefield and Home Office.

Awards and Recognition

The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA)

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

Women in Financial Services (WIFS) Awards and Recognition

Association for Advanced Life Underwriters (AALU)

Five Star Pathfinder

Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisor 2021-2022

Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Advisor 2021-2022

Million Dollar Round Table 2000, 2002, 2004-2022

Forum Qualifier 2014, 2016, 2018-2021

Lives Leader Summit 2015, 2017-2021

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Doug VanDyke, CLU®

Chief Operations Officer

Office 913-203-1495

Doug graduated from Central Missouri State University in 1993 with a Bachelors Degreein Business Administration/Accounting.

During a 10-year career in the accounting field, Doug held positions with Houlihan´s Restaurant Group, Delaval, and Ingersoll-Rand.

In 2003, Doug brought that financial background to our practice at Northwestern Mutual. Today Doug’s primary responsibility is developing the strategic direction of our firm to continue meeting client expectations and supporting our purpose and mission. Doug also continues to provide support and oversight to our firms planning and investment operations.

In his free time Doug enjoys spending time with his family especially supporting his teenage boys in their sports endeavors, Drew in Basketball and Quinn in Soccer.

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Christi Schaffer

Director of Insurance Operations and Services

Office 913-346-2754

Christi grew up in Iowa and attended Iowa State University prior to starting in the banking and finance industry where she had over 10 years experience in managing client relationships before joining the NorthStar team.

Christi joined the team in January 2008 and has held various roles overthe years. Today, Christi is the face of the practice to many clients. In her current role she assists clients and handles all insurance applications from the beginning, during underwriting and through delivery.

Any question that youmay have Christi is your resource, any question she cannot answer herself she will direct to the appropriate member on our team or help you schedule a meeting with that person.

In her free time Christi likes to spend time with her friends and family and cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs and Iowa State Cyclones.

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Nathan Duff, CLU®

Associate Wealth Management Advisor

Office 620-644-9156

Nathan was born and raised in Lincoln, NE and graduated from the University of Nebraska– Lincoln with a degree in finance. Nathan is a Lead Advisor who meets with clients and works with Tracy and the team to build a personalized financial plan that fits the client’s goals and needs.

In his spare time he enjoys doing anything sports or fitness related. Nathan is a diehard Nebraska Cornhusker fan and roots for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Barrett Cooper

Associate Wealth Management Advisor

Office 620-644-9208

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Barrett graduated from Colorado Christian University in May 2019 where he played on the tennis team. Originally from Prairie Village,he moved back to the Kansas City area after graduating and joined Northwestern Mutual in June of 2019.

As of January 2020 Barrett joined the NorthStar Wealth Navigation team and continues to grow in his Associate Lead Advisor role.

He enjoys fishing and working out in his free time.

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Laura J Bruntz

Executive Assistant

Office 913-359-7984

Laura graduated with a degree in Business Administration.Shecame to NorthStar Wealth Navigation in January 2020 with 20 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry.Shewill be the friendly facethat greets you when you arriveat ouroffice. Inaddition, sheschedules appointments and review meetings.

Outside of work Laura enjoys traveling with friends to tropical destinations, spending time with family, and reading.

Dereck Cochran

Office 913-647-9041

Derek is an alumnus from Northwest Missouri State University. Upon graduating he started his career in the finance industry before joining our team here at NorthStar Wealth Navigation. He finds passion and enjoyment in helping to alleviate stress and worry among families by having a role in ensuring their financial goals are met. Outside of work you will find Dereck at the gym with his twin brother, Devin or spending time with friends and family.

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Devin Cochran

Office 913-667-2839

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Julie Borchers

Associate Financial Representative

Office 620-644-9203

With more than two decades of experience in the life insurance and financial services industry, Julie realizes the importance of building relationships with like-minded people. Her knowledge and ability to help clients uncover needs and scuplt plans is invaluable.

She rejoined NorthStar Wealth Navigation in April 2022 after spending the last 15 years in various roles within the financial services industry, most recently as the Director of Insurance of a wealth management firm. Today, Julie is an Associate Lead Advisor who helps prepare for and in client meetings.

Julie has a Master's degree in Science of Business Management from Baker University. She is married and has five children. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Danielle Samuels

Marketing Coordinator

Office 913-274-1047

Daniellestarted withNorthwestern Mutual in 2014and joined NorthStar Wealth Navigation in January of 2020. She has a degree specializing in Fashionand Businessand brings her creative flair to theteam'ssocial media pages, client events, and branding.

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Outside of work Danielle enjoys being with her husband andtwo kids, connecting with other women within her church and community and traveling to her favorite beach in Marco Island.


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